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It's criminal that no one has kicked of the Ant threads so here goes.

CD's I would recommend obtaining which showcase the mans work

1: Anthology:

General "greatest hits" package of Ant's which includes some superb work by the man. "Lucy Will" is a stunner.

2: Slow Dance:

I always think of this as Ant's "Tubular Bells" and it has the same effect on me...I love it.

3: Dragonfly Dreams:

Again some great music in there. Acoustic guitar sections as well as some wonderful synth "Ambient" type stuff

3: Wise After The Event.

Ant's most "Genesisy" CD for me. Well worth a listen

4: The Geese And The Ghost:

Superb...enuff said.

Anyone a fan here?

Best wishes


Hi John

Well said,

Has to be 'Geese and the Ghost' for me,

Always had that on a C90 with 'Voyage of the Acolyte' by Stevo on the reverse! Big GrinBig Grin

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