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The need for Jedi's
Hi all!

I watched the new Star Wars film last night and it's got me thinking.... Don't worry, I won't give the plot away.

Seems to me, there are good Jedi and bad Jedi. The good Jedi do stuff but the bad Jedi seem to create nothing but havoc, death and destruction. This much is true, but I find myself wondering why we need Jedi?

Back in the beginning, there were lots of Jedi. Presumably they went around solving problems and making sure everyone got along pleasantly with each other. On the flip side, there's only ever one Sith Lord and his apprentice. The nature of bad Jedi is that they can't co-exist, so they take each other out in the quest for absolute power. I get that, but why is it that one or two (if you count the apprentice) create all these problems despite there being hundreds of good Jedi to sort them out?

I mean, in The Phantom Menace, all hell breaks loose because of one guy - Senator Palpatine - and his face painted side-kick. In the next film, Count Dooku raises a massive army and chops peoples arms off. He pretty much singlehandedly gets the entire galaxy's bad guys to join forces for him and Palpatine. That's a lot of death and destruction! Then we learn that Dooku used to be a Jedi. That is, a good person. So he changed. He left the hundreds and became one. He left rescuing cats stuck in trees and sorting out pesky trade disagreements and wove a trail of death and destruction through the galaxy. The same could be said of Anakin. He spends more time as the evil Lord Vader than he does cute kid or annoying teenage Jedi.

Lord Vader pretty much overseas the building of two Death Stars, countless Star Destroyers and a zillion Tie Fighters. He pretty much runs the floor while Palpatine is busy trying on new raincoats and hoods. Can you imagine the resources that these guys command? The amount of metal that had to be mined to create such a war machine? The sheer number of people involved in building a moon scale space station? And we worry about global warming?!?!

Then there are the new guys. Like I said, I won't give away the plot or any details of the new film in case some of you haven't see it, but suffice to say, it's a Star Wars film and when the Force is around, there are good guys and bad guys taking advantage of it and the bad guys are generally not very nice people.

So why oh why are the Jedi training these people, risking everything, that they might turn bad and cause mayhem? Face it, if the British Government trained SAS commandos and there was always one that went bad and nuked a third world country or started a massive world war, they'd stop training SAS commandos, wouldn't they?

Put simply, nobody would maintain a hundreds strong force of good guys whose sole purpose in life was to take out the bad guys, when the bad guys are only bad guys because they became more powerful than you can possibly imagine, as good guys. In business, that would be called "creating your own market!" It's just not worth the risk! It just doesn't make a right lot of sense to me.

Just sayin'. Smile

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