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New Forum - Anyone heard about this band?
Hi all,

Just thought I'd start a new forum and new discussion because there are lots of interesting rumours flying around about a new Genesis tribute band that we are all looking forward to seeing live.

What do we know so far? Well, we (Mama) first heard about this project when we did a couple of shows in the London area over a year ago. The project was described as 'Brit Genesis' with an obvious nod to the business model of Brit Floyd (and Aussie Floyd). At the time, nobody knew what they were going to be called but it has since surfaced that they will be known as "Genesis... That's All".

We also know that ex Mama member Chris O'Connell is the current lead singer (Phil Collins) and drummer for Genesis... That's All and that the project is based in Brighton and / or London. There is a production company involved in putting the show together and we heard on the grapevine that there are investors with serious money behind it, so it sounds quite exciting! Chris, as you will remember, was the guitarist for Mama so we are assuming much drumming practice is happening somewhere in Liverpool as we speak.

So questions people:

1. Does anyone else know anything about this project or have any information we can share?
2. Has anyone heard about other members of Genesis tribute bands that may have enlisted with Genesis... That's All?
3. Has anyone found a website for Genesis... That's All? Far as I can tell, they only have a Facebook Page for the management company.

Let's get some discussion going in anticipation of what sounds like the mother of all Genesis tribute bands! Smile

A while back, more information surfaced about the band. Specifically, they announced they'd be recreating the Duke tour from 1980. In the last couple of days, they've also published a 2014 tour set list:

1. Deep in the Motherlode
2. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
3. The Carpet Crawlers
4. Squonk
5. One for the Vine
6. Behind the Lines
7. Duchess
8. Guide Vocal
9. Turn It On Again
10. Duke's Travels
11. Duke's End
12. Say It's Alright Joe
13. The Lady Lies
14. Ripples...
15. In the Cage
16. The Colony of Slippermen
17. Afterglow
18. Follow You Follow Me
19. Dance on a Volcano
20. Drum Duet
21. Los Endos
22. Encore: I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

Looks interesting. Mama are also going to be showcasing the Duke album in 2014 so that should be interesting. Smile
I've heard about them......Rolleyes
If what we hear is true then I for one am looking forward to seeing them a lot.

The Duke tour was one that I had tickets for and had to give away so if they are as good as claimed I will revel in hearing it.Big Grin

Also a band of that magnitude will have a great knock on effect for ALL the Genesis tribute bands in the same way that Aussie Floyd did, and lets not forget it feature Chris O Connell (ex MAMA) on vocals and drums...What's not to enjoy?
Best wishes


Just looking at their set list and I can se one glaring omission......

The Knife

Having said that still should be great
Best wishes


Why is The Knife a glaring omission here? It's a great song but there's nothing else in the set list from the same album or two later.?.
Hi Steve.

The Knife was played at several venues on the Duke Tour as I recall including Liverpool. I thought they were going for completeness so seems odd that this is missed out. Just my thoughts on it and I will be pleased at that set list for sure. Smile
Best wishes


A few "Warm up shows" are scheduled for end of May
Best wishes


Looks like the lighting rig is all ready and waiting.

Looking forward to seeing this band a lot.
Best wishes



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