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NetGear NAS Drive
Hi all,

Just wondering if there's anyone out there that has experience with older NetGear NAS drives?

I've got such a device which I use for backing up video and audio projects. It's got 4 x 3TB hard drives in it and it's set up with RAID1 (I think) so that if any single drive dies on me, I can just throw another drive in and it will rebuild the files. I have it connected to a standard Sky Broadband router via cable and my PC is also connected this way. I'm getting around 22Mb per second transfer rate when I copy files to it.

The problem I have is, yesterday I copied a Reaper project (a Mama multitrack gig recording) from my laptop to the NAS, via WiFi. It took several hours. Is this normal? If not, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to speed up the file copies over WiFi?

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