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Steve Hackett - Liverpool Philharmonic (29th Oct 2013)
(14-11-2013, 10:18 PM)stevejw Wrote: Can't upload pics here can we? Hosted elsewhere I assume.

Far as I know, you can upload pictures to this forum and use HTML embed code. Let me know if you have problems (although the pictures above don't seem to show any issues) and I'll look into it.

Same goes for any feature requests. If the forum software has the ability, I'll switch it on for you. Or should that be Turn It On? Smile

(14-11-2013, 10:46 PM)WillowFarm Wrote: hope you like :-)

Blimey, those images are amazing! Loving the detail! I really like the black & white image for its mood! What did you shoot them on?

(14-01-2014, 07:59 PM)stevejw Wrote: If only the other genesis ex-members could show a fraction of the love and passion for their music that Mr Hackett continues to do. SadSadSad

That's why we have tribute bands. Smile
Wow, just wow. Saw Steve again last night at the Phil. Still at the very top of his game. Amazing gig again - still with amazing backing and with the addition of the unbelievably cool and talented Roine Stolt, it was up there with the best of the best.
Get 'em Out By Friday and Can-Utility too...HeartHeart
Filmed too for DVD release. I was front row so could be on it! Big Grin

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