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Olympics Closing Ceremony
Great to see Mike R there and loved The Who and erm...Jessie J Rolleyes But was very disapointed with lots of folk miming

Best wishes


A bit non-plussed tbh John.
Jaw dropped when I heard the opening bars of Running Up That Hill but realised quick enough that there was zero chance of seeing Kate there.
Everyone is a critic I suppose and it had a great deal to live up to after the opening ceremony and the thrill of the games.
(13-08-2012, 12:19 PM)John Wilkinson Wrote: Great to see Mike R there and loved The Who and erm...Jessie J Rolleyes But was very disapointed with lots of folk miming

I thought several things:

- If you were showcasing British music talent (music IS one of our biggest worlwide exports after all), why would you wheen out Annie Lennox? Again? Sure, she was pretty good in her day and she had a couple of hit records, but then so did Frankie Goes To Hollywood and they don't wheel THOSE out every time there's a big job!

- The focus should have been on acts that spanned the time from the last London Olympics to present day. I'm not a Jessie J fan but yes, get her on stage. She's big.

- George Michael performing an unknown song? Didn't really get that.

- Freddie still steals the show everytime, despite being dead for over 20 years. That guy truly was magic! I don't care what anyone says. There is no better all round front man / vocal performance / entertainer for stadium sized gigs. Period.

- If you can't have Freddie, then Robbie would be a close second. Again, I'm not a fan, but he's a quality front man / entertainer.

- What happened to Led Zep, Yes, Quo, Cliff, Elton, McCartney and a whole host of huge recording artists? Okay McCartney did the opening ceremony and wasn't that good.

- Kasabian performed The Who. I figured at that point The Who wouldn't show, but they did. Not sure why Kasabian didn't do a Kasabian song?

I probably have lots more thoughts (don't I always?) but I can't think of any more at this moment in time. Smile
@ Jonnie: At least Kate re-recorded her vocals and it is still a stunning song...I was waiting for her to rise from that pyramid but sadly not to be :-(

@ Andrew: Agree about Annie and in all truth I have have moved heaven and earth to get The Police on there. They were HUGE. George Michael (aka the only gay guy who can't dance to save his life) is supposed to have asked to plug his new single as a condition of being on the show. It was Kasier Chiefs NOT Kasabian who sang Pinball Wizard ( and did a bloody great job of it to) Elton was asked but hada strop when he couldn't play for the time he wanted so decided not to appear. Led Zep SHOULD have been in there somewhere as should have Yes.
Best wishes



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