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Genesis 'Colleagues' (As they say in Asda's)
Well, all I can say is the five-man line-up with Daryl and Chester is my classic lineup. I wasn't listening to them when PG or SH were in the group so the group I grew up with was the one with Daryl and Chester.

What those fellas brought to the live sound of Genesis can't be summed up in words - just listen to their playing.

And would Genesis have even made albums like Duke or Abacab had they not played with Daryl and Chester? Those cats loosened up the sound of Genesis and, as with any musician you work with, their influence rubs off. So, no they don't have writing credits on the songs but their influence is still there. It's so obvious it can't be denied.

And Andrew, you might want to check the writing credits on some of Phil's albums. There's a certain Daryl Stuermer listed on a few of his tracks...Smile

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