Forum Announcement: All Are Welcome - But Please Read The Rules
Hi and welcome to the Mama forum. We hope you enjoy reading and participating in all things Genesis, with us.

Please note that this forum is paid for and run by Mama, the UKs 'all era' Genesis tribute band. As such, we reserve the rights to make the rules and enforce them.

At this time, we are welcoming all people from all places, whether you are a Genesis fan, in a band, in a Genesis tribute band or indeed even if you've been in Genesis yourself. We are happy for bands to post their Genesis related gig announcements and discuss their own shows in the related discussion forum threads (we are all Genesis fans here after all).

If you are going to post information about your own gigs, we would appreciate you actually taking an active discussion role in our forum instead of just spamming us with links and adverts. Fair is fair! We would not like to see people simply posting gig announcements without staying for a chat.

All the usual sensible rules apply to this forum just as any other - be nice to everyone, don't swear or be offensive, don't flame people etc. A common sense approach usually wins the day.

Thanks for reading. Now go forth and discuss....